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Getting a used car vehicle history report is key before purchasing or even making a buying decision when it comes to a used vehicle. Be sure to check us out for a free vehicle history report before taking the next step in the process!
Here you can get a used car free Carfax report which will reveal all the details of a used vehicle such as mileage, previous owners, odometer rollback and fraud. We also check for clear title to avoid salvage title or fraud with each no cost Carfax report.

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Vehicle History Report Scams


Tell-Tale Signs of a Scam

As a car buyer, you need to be very cautious. Car salesmen have the bad reputation that they do for a reason. No matter where or when you’re a buying a car, there are a few signs to be aware of that are essentially notorious among care salesmen. Today, we’ll cover a few of those tell-tale signs and how you should react in that circumstance.

If they fail to present a comprehensive vehicle history report upon the sale. Now this one might seem obvious, but when you’re in the environment with the salesmen, they have a way of making you forget about the things that actually matter, like the report. The only reason that they have to avoid giving you the report is if they have something to hide.

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If they avoid your questions, or sidestep them with purposely obscure answers. They’re salesmen, they’re professional deceivers. If you ask them something, then you should expect a straight up answer in return. If they sidestep your question with an explanation of something else or they carry it over to another topic, then make a mental note of what they’re doing, and keep asking that question until they actually answer it.

If they want the sale to end as quickly as possible. A salesman who has nothing to hide will not care about how long the sale takes, or how many questions you ask, they will only care about you getting outfitted with the vehicle that’s perfect for you. So be aware of the purposeful rushing of a sale and what that could signify.

If they are worrisome about letting you test drive the car or have you sign paperwork that limits their liability. With the transfer of ownership of a major purchase such as a car or a house, you should always pay close attention to the fine print. Read every word, and ask a lawyer to come if you feel like it’s necessary.

These are all things to be cautious about, but they don’t necessarily mean that the salesmen is trying to scam you. Be careful, but have some faith in people while you’re there too. I strongly recommend bringing along someone who knows cars, and always ask for a free vehicle history report and a free VIN check .
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Steven Sanders
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